Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Raven Strike

A military mission to retrieve a lost airplane with the brains to fly itself with such precision to zoom in on a particular target whether human or not. It is a dangerous mission which requires CO-OP’s from different agencies. And of course not all agencies will divulge their secrets not alone a mission such as this highly classified.
It takes place in Africa involving local tribal feuds and an Asian mercenary out to sell the goods retrieved to the highest bidder whether the Russians or USA; he’s just out to make money and doesn’t care of the consequences of its capabilities.  Under all this fighting the innocent are the ones who have the most to lose. And each tribal military force use them as target practice to implement fear. This is not unusual in these cases and the US task force find themselves arguing as to whose operation will take credit for the retrieving of the UAV and it’s computer. But first they must find it and remove the computer brain.
In the midst of this battle, without the tasks force knowledge the computer brain is in route to the US and it’s target.
The President and the various agencies are involved and who is the one pushing the buttons to get the job done for saving lives is not an option. Fingers are being pointed and the President is subpoenaed as to her involvement in the case. But she’s not going down and will make sure that those who initiated this operation their political careers will be terminated either voluntarily or not. She’s not a force to be reckoned with.
The task force find themselves in the midst of a political feud by the locals and the USA. Who do they answer to for they each are loyal to their team and there is no compromising.
 The turn of events lead the task force on a chase to the deepest cruelest part of Africa. All the while the target has found its mark!