Friday, September 14, 2012

The Network by Charles Ingram

Confusion, speculation, intrigue, espionage, dramatization, and fear are words that describe this great mystery novel.
My first novel from this author has left me wanting more. A mystery novel with such detailed coordination by the most highest form of government. How can one government with DOOM in the air can pull off a complete evacuation of a city with ten million plus inhabitants?
Terrorism has struck the city of London and it is left up to two covert ops to find the ones responsible and eliminate them with the approval of worldwide governments. The mercenaries must be stopped at all cost for millions of lives are at stake and the threat of a WW III may be imminent. No one wants a great war; hence, it relies on all form of governments to unite and stop the terrorism once and for all.
This detailed mystery relates the extensive evacuation of a great city and all those parties involved. And how easily it can slip by if the governments don’t work together to rectify the process.
Harry Winchester and Tess Fulton; Malik and Dahlia are the main characters each with their own purpose in view. Yet, their lives are similar the former to stop the bomb and the latter to see the threat threw. And in the midst of this intrigue and cat and mouse chase (which takes them around the world) love finds them and fills their hearts with meaning. Every aspect of their lives have heightened and the lives of millions lay in limbo. Even with the latest technologies the experience of each party and their instincts leads them to trails so close not aware how close they’ve become as ships who pass through the night.
Zulu – hours before D-day and the clock is ticking.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012