Monday, April 13, 2009

Is your life challenging you...

Last July, Bob Doyle launched his first Boundless Living Challenge, where participants were invited to commit 45 days of their lives to realizing their greatest passions!

Nearly 4000 people participated, and in that 45 days, miraculous things occurred, and people all over the world realized dreams that many had thought impossible - because all previous attempts to realize those dreams had seemingly failed.

The Boundless Living Challenge, which costs nothing to join, provides participants with the tools, resources, education, and incomparable support they need to achieve amazing things, even if they've tried numerous times before without success.
Bob just let me know next Boundless Living Challenge begins April 16th, and he wants to invite you to be a part of it!

To launch this event, Bob had a special radio program on BlogTalk Radio about a week ago.

On the replay of the call you'll hear many of the participants of earlier challenges to get an idea of just what's possible. I know 45 days doesn't sound like a lot - which makes the results you'll hear about even more spectacular.

You'll also learn exactly how the challenge works, what you'll be offered - again, at no charge - and how to make the most of your 45 days.

Here's where you can sign up for the challenge and learn how to listen to the replay of the special radio program:

Bob wants me to stress to you that this challenge is all about putting the Law of Attraction into ACTION, as opposed to simply "learning" about it.
The results are so phenomenal amongst participants because they are all in action, supported by thousands of other people who are also moving toward their own dreams!
It's truly an extraordinary thing, as you'll learn about soon.
I urge you to act now!
P.S. Sign up for the next challenge now.

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