Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Journey

I am on a journey to my true happiness allowing my life to unfold according to plan. Just as the sun rises and sets so is my life rising and setting. All that follows in between unfolds into a beautiful day. I am enjoying the ride watching all things come to life and taking every breath as if it is my first. The sweet smell of fragrant flowers is in the air. The bright clear blue sky tells me this is another grand and inspiring day. This picture is in my mind bringing to me all the beauty and wonders of this day. Yes, external beauty that can only be given and express from within.

When the battles of negative and positive feelings begin I remind myself to stop and breathe. That this war within does not last and prevent me from achieving my dreams. I get up and change my thoughts finding something to do that I may prevent this battle from taking hold on my life. By so doing, I prevent my life from becoming stagnated and all the things that I want most hence are not delayed.

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