Saturday, July 14, 2012

Murder One

This book was recommended to my by a great author of mystery Alan Jacobson the writer of the Karen Veil FBI murder mysteries. When another writer recommends an author that says a lot about his professionalism. And good to his word, I wasn’t disappointed.This book has many turns and twists and keeps you guessing.
David Sloane is a rich well off attorney who lives in a prestigious neighborhood. He is well known for his class action suits for he never loses. His name has become well known and his reputation of no nonsense precedes him; this has won him great fame. He has just returned to Seattle after three months in Mexico. His wife was murdered and spends sleepless nights trying to understand what he could have done different to prevent that from happening. It’s been a year since her death and feels he could never love anyone again. His step son is living with his biological father, and finds himself alone with his memories of their life together. No one could replace her and no one is allowed in…Until….
Barclay Reid was David’s opponent in a prominent case that she lost. She runs a large firm of over 200 attorneys. And, her one and only daughter died due to a drug overdose. She becomes a crusader for war on drugs and is determined to bring to justice the men behind it Russian gangster Filyp Vasiliev who is tied to the Russian Mafia. Filyp Vasiliev has become her target. Without fear she takes him on and will not rest until he is behind bars. But a turn of events has her arrested for the murder of Filyp Vasiliev. Now she finds herself in need of a powerful aggressive attorney…who could she hire that is aggressive and competitive as herself?
She turns to David Sloane. She convinces him to take the case. To his better judgment, he agrees and their lives become intertwined and complicated.
David Sloan finds himself way out of his league. He’s a civil law attorney that goes after big corporations. Though he is familiar with criminal law, he has never tried one nor defended a criminal case.  But he finds himself drawn to Barclay. She is  very attractive and intelligent. When he visits her at her prestigious home he is impressed at her security compound. She has motion sensor cameras and a sophisticated security system all around including the entrance gate. No one could penetrate her home without the local police enforcement being notified.
Drugs, murder, sex are all tied into this amazing turns of events that has you guessing.
Murder One

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