Wednesday, October 10, 2012


First published in 1972 but written as if today in mind. Desmond Bagley writes an interesting spy spoof which includes double agents from three major powers Americans, Great Britain, and Russians.
Set in the isolated country of Iceland with it’s volcanic rock and geysers. Desmond Bagley brings this country to life with such clarity allowing the reader to feel and view every green scene, every treacherous road, and every sulfuric smell.

Alan Stewart ex-British Agent now retired was recruited as a messenger boy to deliver a package to a Russian agent. This package was small and sealed. He was not allowed to ask questions nor open this package. However, people are trying to kill him before the package is even delivered. Why? And who can he trust?

Alan and his fiancĂ© Elin are caught in the middle of this intrigue espionage that takes them to the back roads of Iceland and with every turn he finds himself in a “cat and mouse” game. And all he has as a weapon is his sgian-dubh-the black knife of the Highlander which he inherited from his grandfather who inherited from his grandfather. [[Sgian-Dubh]]

Great read and with the view of Iceland and it’s peaceful inhabitants Running Blind brings chaos to this peaceful country.

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